Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 14 in Chikushino

We had transfer called last Tuesday! We were on the train headed to
the beach when the assistant to the President calls us.. It's super
super rude in Japan to talk on the phone when your on a train. But we
were not going to just sit and wait.. So.. We answered it. We assumed
we could get away with it since we're American. Haha anyway, everyone
was staying in Chikushino except for my companion Bearman Shimai. She
went near my old area in Kumamoto! Way exciting. And I got McKenzie
Shimai. She is from Australia and I absolutely love her! She's only
been in Japan for a few months and so I've been the one doing all the
talking in Japanese. It's just so fun to feel like I actually know
this language after having struggled with it for so long. It's
definitely shown me that patience really is a virtue, and it really
does pay off haha. God can't give everything to us as soon as we want
it. We have to struggle and pray and work hard and do everything we
can, and then you can look back and realize that God was there the
whole time helping you through it. I absolutely love it. I am so so so
grateful to be on a mission. I feel like I could go on and on about it
forever. I have learned so much in this past year.
For p day last Tuesday we went to the beach, and it was so fun! We got
ice cream played frisbee and volleyball. It was nice to just hang out.
Yesterday for Sunday dinner we were invited over to a ward members
house. The 5 year old little girl prayed over the dinner and she
prayed for the missionaries and that she was grateful that we were
there. She even prayed for our dendo! Children's prayers are by far
the best prayers I've heard on my mission. They are so full of love
and always so grateful for the littlest things. She even thanked
Heavenly Father for her doll. I want to be more like that. More
thankful instead of always just asking for things, even if they are
good things.
Lately I feel like some of my favorite principles to study have been
agency and repentance. I love both of those topics so much. Happiness
really is a choice. And if we aren't happy, then something needs to
change. That's what repentance is. It's changing, becoming better and
recognizing that we aren't perfect and that we need God in all aspects
of our life. When we rely upon God, I think that is when we can truly
be happy. I would encourage anyone who reads my emails to study those
two topics. It really has changed the way I view my life and

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