Friday, July 22, 2016

Week 18 in Chikushino

I can't believe it's already p day again! We had a barbeque today at a
members house, so we are starting p day a little late today. Not much
to write about because this week was a ton of cleaning and fixing
things in the apartment that have sorely been neglected. Also, sister
burnside came into the apartment. We lived together when I was in
Nagamine for 3 transfers and now we get to live together again! I'm
way excited! Sunday was definitely a highlight this week. I love our
members so so much. We had a dendo fireside to try and help the dendo
fire in our ward. We all took part in it, and me and Mckenzie Shimai
did a skit of what missionaries do in a day and how to prepare for
lessons with members present, and I think it went really well. We gave
members banana bread that we made and they loved it! They all hung
around and talked to us after (even though it was basically an extra
hour of church). It was so awesome. Then one of our members invited
all the missionaries over to a surprise going away party for one of
the BYU students who taught English here for the past three months. So
we went there and there were a lot of nonmembers that we got to talk
to. It was so fun. But the best was getting to their house. Their
house is like 45 minutes uphill in the most complex area ever, and our
map doesn't really help when it came to it so we were super lost. We
finally we asked a lady that was walking if she knew how to get to
their area and she pulled it up on her phone and then walked us all
the way to their front door! She was so so kind, and we became such
good friends in like 15 minutes. She hugged us afterward and wanted to
add us on Facebook! I invited her to come to Eikaiwa. I love people
here. I love that I get to become friends with the most random people
on the street. I love having long conversations about the gospel in
Japanese. I just love it here. I am tired allll the time. But it's so
worth it. God really does help shape us to be the person he wants us
to be. We just have to be flexible and willing to be shaped. I'm
learning so much each and everyday. Sometimes I feel like I am
overwhelmed with all that I learn, but I think we learn better that
way sometimes. Not everything sticks, but the most important things
do. Love you all!!

それだけです。わたしとマッケンジー姉妹。大好きよ^ ^

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