Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 17 in Chikushino

Transfer week! Me and Mckenzie Shimai are staying another transfer in
Chikushino. Woot woot!!
Anyway, this week I actually went to go see a doctor about my back.
It's been hurting pretty bad lately so I wanted to see what was up.
Apparently it's nothing and I'm just over working it. So he gave me a
back brace and told me to wear it whenever I am biking and/or walking
for a long time. (So all day everyday!) on another note, I love the
hospitals here! You go to the hospital for every thing in Japan, there
aren't like doctors offices. So it's very organized. I really liked
it. While we were waiting at the hospital a nurse came up and was like
"sisters, where are you from?" Which just doesn't happen. Nobody calls
us sisters in Japan. (Except the members). But we found out that she
was a member from another ward in our stake. It is really rare to bump
into members so it was pretty cool.
Also, have I mentioned how hot it is lately? Oh my goodness. It is
just crazy. They have these things call sweat towels that I just
thought were kind of weird, but now I completely understand. I carry
mine around with me everywhere. You're just always dripping sweat.
Also the bugs are out too. It is big spider, worms, mosquito, gnat
season. Oh man, I was talking to someone on their voice box yesterday
( it's like.. A thing they have here so they can answer the door
without having to come to the door.)  when I noticed this huge gecko
underneath it and kind of gasped in the middle of my sentence but just
kind of moved away from it a little bit, and then throughout this
contact I had a bug on my right arm that I swat away, and then right
after a mosquito came and landed on my left arm, and then a spider
crawled up my leg. It was all within 30 seconds that this happened. I
was so glad that it was over a voice box and the guy wasn't watching
me dance around trying to get all these bugs off of me. It was super
gross. Oh man. Bugs are the worst. 🙄😒
We had one day where literally everyone we talked to just slammed the
door in our faces and didn't even let us get more than a few words
out. It was rough, but we really wanted to hand out a Book of Mormon
so badly. We knocked on this house and nobody was answering and I was
a little downhearted so my companion and I decided to pray to be able
to hand out a Book of Mormon right there on her doorstep. Right after
we told Heavenly Father that we wanted to hand out this Book of Mormon
we hear footsteps running to the door. We closed prayer really fast
and talked to this younger lady, and she immediately took the Book of
Mormon. I have had so many experiences like that on my mission with
Heavenly Father answering my prayers immediately. All we have to do is
pray. Most times it does take a while to receive an answer, but we
have to exercise our faith. I love having experiences like that. It
just reminds me how much Heavenly Father is aware of us.
Anyway! Love you all! Have a good week!
White Shimai

This is a fish vending machine...

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