Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 19 in Chikushino

Hi everyone! It's been a very very hot week here. Oh my goodness, I
feel like I'm melting everyday. But it's actually been such an amazing
week!! We visited a lot of members this week trying to get to know the
ones we don't know very well and that has actually been so fun! There
was a member who told us that she joined the church when she was 21
and then started going to institute and during one of her classes her
teacher challenged them to think about what kind of person they wanted
to marry and she decided that she wanted to get married on April 6 and
she prayed for 10 years to get married on that day, and 10 years later
she did! Haha the stories they tell sometimes are way funny and way
cute. I love our members. Especially the older ones. We also had a lot
of return appointments that we got to go to and one of them was
amazing! His name is Katsuyoshi, and he is so cool. He absorbed
everything we told him and told us he would study the Book of Mormon
and take all of our lessons. He thought it was cool that we are
sharing our message with everyone. We also got return appointments
with 2 of his neighbors too! It was such a great night. I love
teaching lessons so much! We haven't been able to teach Haruka Chan
lately, she keeps saying she is too busy :( but she promised she would
come to church tomorrow! So I am so excited! Also today we got to go
to the temple! Ah I missed it. I can't believe it has been so long
since I went last! It was so great, and then after we went to the zoo
which is right next to the temple! It's been such a fun day! Tonight
we are going over to teach a members daughter a lesson because she is
getting baptized in September and her mom wants to to have all the
lessons before she gets baptized. I just love it here. I've almost
been here 5 months which is so long to stay in one area but I'm way
grateful! Anyway, I hope you all have a good week!
Love ya
Sister White

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