Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 16 in Chikushino

Happy Fourth of July to those in America. If anyone is wondering (and
yes it has actually been asked out here..not by me FYI) they do not
celebrate the Fourth of July in Japan. We did get invited over to a
members house for a barbecue last Saturday though so we basically
celebrated it. Just no fireworks. This week went by ridiculously fast.
So many things happened. Last p day we went and rode a Ferris wheel in
Fujisaki for McKenzie Shimai's birthday (which was actually this last
Friday but we ended up celebrating it the whole week) Tuesday we and
junkai in Fujisaki with the STL's and that actually ended up being
almost 2 days out of our week. It was a little frustrating that it
took so much time. But Wednesday after we finally got home from
Fujisaki we had a lesson with our less active Ashian Shimai. We talked
about the atonement and the spirit was really strong. Usually I feel
like she just doesn't understand any concept of what we teach her, but
we really tried to use a lot of examples from her life to relate to
the atonement, and I think she finally understood a little bit. It
felt like a huge break through. Then after Ashian's lesson we had
Eikaiwa. I love our eikaiwa students. We have so many good people that
come. We have a ton of potential in Chikushino. A lot of our Eikaiwa
students gave Mckenzie Shimai cute presents for her birthday, it was
so nice. Thursday we weekly planned and got to help out with another
kids eikaiwa that a member puts on with a BYU student who is staying
over here. Friday was Mckenzie Shimai's birthday, so we went on got
hamburgers at the only place you can't et them at here and went and
put our feet in a river nearby. It was way fun and also a miracle that
it wasn't raining because seriously, rainy season in Japan is no joke.
This week has been so wet. Saturday we went to visit a couple
referrals and to a return appointment and the whole time it was
raining like crazy. I felt like I had just jumped into a pool fully
clothed. It was hard to see biking because of the mini typhoon , so we
decided to go home and change for the barbecue we had that night. I
love members so much. The member who invited us over for the barbecue
didn't want us to bike in the rain so she picked us up and drove us to
her house. Then we had the funnest time there. They do this thing in
Japan, it's kind of like a pinata.. But with a watermelon. They put
the watermelon on the ground, put a blindfold on a person, give them a
stick and spin them around ten times. Then you just try to break the
watermelon open. Haha it was so fun. The husband was just a little
kid, he was having so much fun pranking the elders. I love love love
members, they are amazing. Yesterday was so good. We set up a lot of
appointments with members this week to get to know the shyer ones. So
hopefully we will be able to get to know them too and can help them

Anyway, this week I have really been studying and focusing on the
atonement. Alma 7:11-13 is such a powerful scripture on the atonement
and I love sharing it with people. He really does know us perfectly
and know how to help us. We just have to be willing to use what has
already been given to us.

I hope everyone had an amazing week! Love you all!

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