Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 13 in Chikushino

Hello Everyone!!
This week was so busy! As always of course. I love McKenzie Shimai. I am trying to learn the Australian accent and she is working on the American accent. It has been way fun! I will go through the days since I have time today!

Monday- Me and McKenzie Shimai decided to go to the mall, and when we went we found out that they had a pet store inside the mall!! We walked passed it and looked at the puppies, when one of the workers saw us and brought us a puppy to hold. I was in heaven!! Then that night after P-day ended we were out talking to people when we decided to stop by a conbini to use the bathroom, and some guy and his friends came up to us trying to speak English. He then awkwardly asked to take a picture with us so we said yes, and another one of his friends jumped in the picture. It was so awkward haha but way funny. They were about 30, and told us that they were about to go drinking. We gave them a pamphlet and told them to come to our Eikaiwa class. 
Tuesday- We didnt have district meeting this week because we had zone conference on Thursday, so we went to a language class that they have on Tuesdays here which is such a great opportunity. A lot of people ask why we are here and we also get great language help. It was way good. Then we went and got my bike fixed, because it was making a weird noise and we talked to a family who gave us a bunch of tissue holders, just because the mom likes to make them and has a ton of them! They were way way nice. We were able to go back the next day and teach them, and they said they would come to church next week! I am way excited!
Wednesday- was way funny! We were outside knocking on doors, when we see this policeman driving passed us. he then immediately stops and gets out and runs over to us. He then asks us who we are and what we are doing. I told him that we were missionaries and we were sharing our message with people. He told us that some old obachans had called the police station because they were scared of what we were putting in their mailboxes (our flyer). Haha he was way nice. He got all of our information and I gave him a flyer and told him to check out our website. Old people here are terrified of us. I have scared so many old ladies, I cant even tell you. I had someone once open the door, scream, and slam the door shut. People here, especially older people are scared of foreigners.
Thursday-We had zone conference on Thursday, so not much happened that day. We had lesson with an investigator and just dendoed. Nothing too exciting
Friday- was the best! It was also my year mark out on my mission! I dont know how that happened at all! I still feel like I just got to Japan. We went out to eat because it was mine and Jespersen Shimais year mark and then after we went to a wedding at our church! They had asked me to play the piano for the wedding so we got to go for that. It was so fun to see it! They were a way way cute couple. We also had sports night that night, which was a little sad, because not many showed up to it. But one of our amazing members came and brought us all popsicles which was way nice of him!
Saturday- We went with a member to visit a whole bunch of less actives, only 2 answered but it was good to find out where they lived so we could visit them again. Other than that.. it was just a regular day of dendo.
Sunday- President Egan came to our ward with his whole family which was way cool! He called us the night before and told us that he might be coming and then he did! It was so fun. His daughter and her family were visiting so we got to meet all of them. His granddaughter who doesnt speak any Japanese became best friends with one of the members daughters. It was so cool to see that the language barrier means nothing to children. The members daughter was holding President Egans granddaughters hand and leading her around introducing her to people. It was so cute. 

Anyway, it was a way good week! I love being here so much. I can not believe that I have been on my mission for a whole year. It has gone by so crazy fast, and I know the next 6 months will fly by as well. It has been such an amazing experience. I have learned so much so far, and I know I am going to learn so much more in the next 6 months. I think everyone needs to go on a mission if you can. It is such a growing experience. You will never be the same. Anyway, Love you all!! hope you have a great week!!
White Shimai

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