Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 6 in Okinawa

Hi everyone!

It's been an interesting week! Biggest thing but also the most low key thing is that a huge typhoon hit yesterday. We were inside all day. All of the military were freaking out about it, but it didn't seem too bad to me at least. I feel like the one I was in last year in Miyakonojo was bigger than this one. But they said this one was a category 5. Idk. It was a nice relaxing day inside. We deep cleaned the apartment- like deep deep cleaned. It took most of the day and we had already done our phone dendo, so we ended up playing some card games and making a lot of food... because we had the time! 
Other than that, I studied a lot yesterday too and oh my gosh, I love reading the Joseph Smith teaching of the presidents manual! It has so much information in it. It's all stuff I know, but expounded on and I feel like I learned so much reading it. I'm going to continue studying it. 
I have been thinking back on my mission lately, and I don't know if I could ever put into words how grateful I am to be here. I love it so much. Every day is hard but it is so worth it coming home dead tired, falling into my futon at the end of every day. I've been able to see so many miracles and I feel so lucky. I feel like I have become a very different person than who I used to be. It's been amazing, I'm so happy I'm here.

Anyway, for transfer information. I'm with hopefully my last companion. Her name is Sister Omi and she is Japanese. She is coming into a military branch, so lots of speaking English for her! I'm excited to help her with English, and excited to learn a lot more Japanese! I feel like I haven't had to use Japanese as much this last transfer, so I'm excited to use it a lot more this transfer! It's going to be so good! 
Have a great week!! 
Sister White 

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