Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 5 in Okinawa

Hello :) 
Sometimes I am really good at recording in my journal and planner the things that happen throughout the week, and sometimes I'm not. This week was a week where I wasn't good at all. I'll try to remember
Tuesday- we went to Okinawa World! We didn't have a ton of time sadly, so we actually missed a bunch of the really cool stuff, especially the souvenirs. But it was probably better that way, because I know I would have bought something I didn't need. We went to a snake show though! And at the end we got to be wrapped around with a huge snake if we wanted to. So.. I did. See attached picture :)
Wednesday- it was a pretty normal day. Nothing too exciting. We went over to a members house whose husband is in the special forces. That was pretty crazy. She said she rarely ever knows where he actually travels to, but he's been all over the place. Super cool, but also would be so hard I feel like to be married to someone who has a job like that. She has a beautiful new baby though. 
Thursday- also pretty normal. We had weekly planning, a lesson with our investigator Chisa, and then Eikaiwa. 
Friday- went and visited a less active, who I totally love. She is so cute and obsessed with books and has two huge dogs. I loved being in her house. Her dogs are just crazy big and both wanted to sit on our laps. One was literally my size but kept trying to get on my lap. Haha it was so cute. 
Saturday- we had a couple of no show return appointments and we went to go get dinner with a YSA in our ward. She is awesome, so bubbly and positive. She asked if she could go proselyte with us.. but she doesn't speak Japanese. Haha and all we do is speak Japanese. But maybe if we could find some American housing. 
Sunday- church as usual. We are teaching a 7 year old who is about to be baptized the lessons. So every week we meet with her. And then we had dinner with a family in the American branch. This lady is seriously superwoman. She has five kids under the age of 10. Her youngest is about a year old. And her husband just left on leave about 4 months ago for the air force for a whole year to a place near Saudi Arabia. She lives in Japan, nowhere near family. And her kids are crazy, lots of energy and all over the place! But she is amazing. And her family is amazing. When it was time to share our message, they all sat down very quietly and listened and then answered our questions. I could tell this mom was so tired, but she sat there with a smile on her face, teasing her kids and asking us all these questions to get to know us. I'm constantly amazed at members. All the members here have so much faith and work so hard to share the gospel. I honestly just feel so humbled and grateful to be around them. 
Anyway, I know I talk about members every week! Sorry!
Anyway, today we are going to the beach. It's kind of windy, but hopefully it won't rain! 
Talk to you next week!
White 姉妹

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