Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 22 in Chikushino

We got transfer calls today!! But first I would like to share a way
funny story that happened this week. We were on our way home from the
Sapporo temple dedication with a member (also yes the dedication was
amazing!!) when we passed by this huge statue of Buddha and noticed
that his earlobes were like way big and so we wanted to know why his
earlobes were so big. One of the Shimai asked the member and she said
"why is Buddhas earlobes so big?" In Japanese. However Buddha is
Hotokesama in Japanese, not Buddha. But instead of using hotokesama
she used the English word Buddha. Buddha is very similar to Buta which
means pig. The member responded very confused and said "I have no
idea, God made it that way I guess" it wasn't until after that we
realized that she said "why are pigs earlobes so big." I love making
Japanese/English mistakes. They are always so funny!
Also I have a ton of pictures this week, and since pictures are so
much better than words, I'm just going to send those. Also I'm being
transferred to Okinawa and I can't even begin to explain how excited I
am!!! I seriously love my life!!!!! Love you all!!

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