Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 2 in Okinawa

Hello everyone!
Last week I didn't really write much, so this week I'll try to write
more. Holy cow. I love Okinawa so so so much. It is so beautiful! And
there are so many Americans here it is crazy. We live right next to
the military base, our chapel is right next to the base line. We
basically go on base every other day. It's amazing. It's like walking
into a little America. Last p day we went on base to buy some
groceries (all American food what?!?) and we ended up bumping into a
less active who saw us and came up to us and basically just said, "hi
I'm a member, I'm buying all of your groceries." And then he did! He
was so kind!! Then he promised he would come to church on Sunday (he
didn't.. But I have to give him a thank you card so we'll get to him
somehow.) then right after that a lady came running up to us and told
us she was a member and had just moved to Japan and didn't know where
church was or anything. She just seemed like she needed to talk, she
was really stressed out. We talked to her for a little bit and gave
her our number and the church address and then we saw her at church on
Sunday and she looked a lot less stressed. We also bumped into two of
our other members that day just in the grocery store haha. It was so
fun. We also ate subway for dinner... Heaven❤️
Tuesday we had a lesson with our investigator Chisa. She is so cute.
19 years old, way interested in our lessons. She understands some of
the Book of Mormon better than I do. She expounded on 2 Nephi chapter
2 so much that I saw it in a different light. It was amazing. She's
way smart. We taught her about fasting and the word of wisdom and when
I asked her if she would keep the word of wisdom, she looked at us,
flipped through the word of wisdom pamphlet and was like.. "Okay!" So
amazing. We also ate dinner with a member at the church and that was
way fun. I've eaten with members more here in less than 2 weeks than I
have my whole mission haha. The members here are amazing, but I am
definitely gaining weight.
Wednesday we spent time with another investigator. She is amazing, I
love her so much. We went to chili's on base (can we talk about how
HUGE the servings of food they gave us at chili's? It was so much
food, I don't know how anyone could ever eat it.) but we talked with
her about our potential as children of God. It's so funny getting on
base here. It takes like 10 minutes to get visitors on base because
they have to put us in the system and what not. My name in the system
is somehow Kiwrten White. It's on all the documents they give us to
hand in when we leave.. Haha so that's how the military knows me. We
then got dinner dropped off to us at the church by a member. They
didn't have time to eat with us, but they wanted to feed us. So much
Thursday we had weekly planning. I started feeling sick and but we had
a good day, but then on..Friday..we had zone conference and I was so
so so sick. Like I can't talk, I can't breath, my head was pounding
sick. I somehow made it through zone conference. But I was out after
that. I was sick for about a day and a half. But it worked out because
another sister was sick in my apartment so we went on splits, and our
companions were able to go out and dendo.
So Saturday was all sleeping, studying Japanese and more sleeping.
But by yesterday I felt a lot better so I got to go to church! I love
the wards here. We go to two. One is an American military branch and
the other is a Japanese Ward. It's so fun. I love it so much. It's
twice as many members that we get to be with. I love members so much.
They are so amazing here. They work so hard to do missionary work and
to help us. After sacrament meeting in the American branch, we had a
brother come up to us and ask us if we had plans for dinner yet, and
then told us we were coming to eat with him and his wife. The nicest
people ever. I introduced myself as Sister White, and then he was like
oh, I'm Brother White. Haha no relation, although he is from Highland
Utah! Super nice guy, and his wife is gorgeous. I loved them both.
They have amazing testimonies and amazing desire to do what is right.
I love what wonderful examples our members are to me. It makes me want
to be that much better of a member when I get home. They also had a
cat and a dog, that I just adored. The cat kept jumping up and sitting
on my lap. #obsessed
Anyway, I'm still a little sick today but that's okay. It's not too
bad. I don't really know what we are doing today, something to do with
a beach and a touristy place. It's so fun :)
Dendoing here is so interesting. There are a lot of off base housing
here, and you know it's American housing because it looks different
then Japanese houses. They have garages.. Not normal. Anyway so I had
to learn how to dendo in English. My first experience went a little
like this...
"Oh uh hello, my name is sister white, I'm from America... We are
missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day so
do you believe in God? " - me
"Yes, I'm Christian" -them
"Oh, wow really? No way, that's so cool, us too! Woah, okay so um, do
you belong to a church?
"I'm Catholic"
"Oh cool! そですね....uhhh"
And that is where my companion took over. I never thought I would say
that dendoing in Japanese is so so much easier, but as of now it is.
Anyway, I love Okinawa, I love being here, I love the gospel, I love
just everything. It's all amazing!
2 Nephi 28:32
The Lords hand is always outstretched to us. There is nothing we do to
make Him leave. He is simply always there. Make time for Him, and look
for how He is lengthening His arm out to you in your daily life. I
promise you He is there.

Love you all!
Sister White

Sorry, no pictures this week!

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