Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 9 in Okinawa

Hi everyone!
As always, another good week. 
Monday- went over to Naha and walked around. It was fun. Also got my hair cut and ate dinner with a member. Does anyone even read these emails anymore? I'm so boring. Sorry!
Tuesday- we had a couple lessons with a couple of our investigators. It's so hard when they don't progress. Neither of them kept the commitments we gave them. We recommitted them. But as we were dendoing later, Omi Shimai gave a flyer to this super old grandpa who looked at it, accidentally spit food on it, and then said he didn't want it. And then gave it back to sister Omi. Haha she took it, but didn't know what to do with it. It was so gross, but so funny. It took everything in me to not burst out laughing. 
Wednesday- we got a new investigator from the elders! I'm so excited about her! She has taken the lessons before, but for some reason never got baptized. She is so sweet. We also went up a million hills today. Oh my goodness. I had heard so much about Okinawa, how pretty it is, how amazing the members were... (all true) but nobody told me about these hills! You literally go up hill going and coming no matter where you go. Bah.
Thursday- we had a lesson with another investigator. She is 11 and so cute. She remembered so much from our last lesson. It's just getting her mom to let her come to church. Her mom likes to play softball on Sundays. So... priorities I guess.  But this little girl really wants to get baptized! She told me she would try to get her mom to let her come. Slowly but surely.
Friday- weekly planning, early thanksgiving dinner with a member, and texting a less active like all day. Super good day. 
Saturday- we went to the other branches Halloween party. I'll send a picture of our costume but it's kind of weird haha. We had to come up with it like very last minute. We decided to be my companions name. I always make fun of her because her first name is satoko, which in my personal translation means sugar child (the first kanji is different and it actually means wisdom) but I always call her sugar child. And then I looked up her last name kanji on this Japanese translation thing and it gave me Omigyu, which is a famous beef in Japan apparently. So she went has the beef, and I went as the sugar child. Nobody got it. We had to explain it to everyone haha. But oh well. We will still probably do it for our Halloween party this next Saturday. (before this picture I had a lot more sugar cubes on me before, they all just fell off) 
Sunday- we had an awesome day at church. Lots of random people came to church that we got to talk to, it was way good. Then we went over to our relief society presidents house for dinner. It was so awesome. I am constantly amazed at military families. They are so amazing, you don't even know until you live around them and work with them. I still feel like I don't even know half of what they go through. I just feel so blessed to be around them and to get to work with them. 
I feel like my emails are the same every week. Sorry about that. Emailing is just hard sometimes. 
Have a good week!
White Shimai 

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