Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 8 in Okinawa

Miracles upon miracles upon miracles this week you guys!
It has been such an amazing week.
Tuesday- as we were outside knocking on doors, we got this phone call
from a person I didn't recognize. She was in our phone, but I
personally didn't know who she was. It turns out that she was a former
investigator in Nagoya, and that she bumped into the missionaries
here, exchanged numbers but never had the missionaries over again. She
called saying that she thought her daughter was having a really hard
time and wanted the missionaries to come over and teach her from the
Book of Mormon because every time they did in Nagoya they always felt
better. So we were super excited and went over to their house that
night. But it turns out, her daughter seemed completely fine, it was
her that really needed the help. She was very stressed out and just
wanted to find some peace. We read the Book of Mormon with her and she
started to cry and said that she had found her answer and was so
grateful that we came over. All we did was testify of Gods love for
her. It was so amazing. She wants us to come over every week and study
with her. She told us she wasn't baptized before because she didn't
know if she could make the change, but she said she really wants to
change now. I'm so excited for her! I hope we can help her to keep
having spiritual experiences.
Wednesday - we dendoed all day, and met the coolest people! We got
quite a few return appointments and then we ate dinner with a member.
Members =😍
Thursday- we had an appointment with a less active member and their
daughter who hasn't been baptized yet. The less active has been coming
to church quite regularly recently, and when we went to go talk to the
daughter about getting baptized she was so excited. She wants to
really bad. They only catch is her mom in California has a couple of
terms she wants her daughter to meet before she gets baptized.
(Totally valid terms) so we will be working with her daughter to be
able to meet those. Basically just help her grow her testimony and
understand why baptism is so important.
Friday- we went and helped the new senior couple get registered at
city hall and open a bank account. Basically what happened was, my
companion translated complicated Japanese into simple Japanese, and I
translated simple Japanese into English for 5 hours haha. It takes so
long to do things in Japan. But we got them all set up! Then we had
three return appointments we had to go rush off to. And it started
pouring rain. We were soaked!! But it was fun and a good day.
Saturday- we had specialized training. Trainings are always fun.
Somehow President Egan has so much energy, he always energizes us and
uplifts us. He is a way good person. Him and Sister Egan are my
favorite, I love them.
Saturday- weekly planning because we didn't have time to do it before. Futsu
Sunday- I love Sundays here!! They are so amazing. Yesterday was
especially good. We went to our military branch which was good and
then we had our Japanese branch. As soon as the meeting started, I
looked down at the program (which I can't really read-kanji-) and I
see the kanji for missionaries, and sing. So I was like, oh cool, we
are all singing a missionary song today. Then when they started to
announce the program after the sacrament, I found out that WE the
missionaries were singing. I looked around at the elders and the other
sisters, and they were looking at each other. And it hit me.. that
nobody knew about it at all. Haha so I quietly walked around to all
the missionaries and talked to them all, and we put together a musical
number in the middle of sacrament meeting. It wasn't the best, but we
did it. Haha at one point I had gotten around to all the missionaries
except for one, he was sitting next to a member.. and also asleep (btw
there are 10 missionaries in this ward) so I sat down right before we
were supposed to go up and then I looked over and saw the missionary I
didn't tell and was like crap, who is gonna tell rowley chourou?! But
thankfully he woke up right before we went up and saw the rest of us
going up so he came up too. It was an exciting sacrament meeting.
Afterward someone in the bishopric came up to us and thanked us, and
that's when he found out we didn't know about it, and also when we
found out he had told an elder last week about it. The elder wasn't
there that week because he was on splits, and he didn't tell anyone
else about it. It's always an adventure! I was way sad our
investigator wasn't able to come to church yesterday, she would have
thought it was hilarious.
Then afterward, we had a shokuji with the Japanese Ward (like a
potluck dinner) and then went to a members house for actual dinner.

During our specialized training I was asked to give a short talk on
how Jesus Christ has carried me through my mission and as I was
preparing I realized that he has carried me so much through my
weaknesses.  Erode I left on my mission I chose Ether 12:27 as my
scripture for my plaque, and that could not be more true. We are shown
our weaknesses so much. But through the atonement they become
strengths. The biggest thing I think that has helped me make those
weaknesses strengths is the time I have been given on my mission. It
takes time to create those strengths and to be able to focus on Christ
and understand why we have those weaknesses, it just makes more sense.
I am so grateful for weaknesses. I don't necessarily like them, but I
understand their purpose. It's to help us grow closer to Christ. I am
so so grateful for my mission.
Love you all!

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