Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 7 in Okinawa

Hi everyone!
General conference was amazing!! It was so good, I have so many
favorite parts! I think everyone I've heard has gotten something
different, or thought the theme of conference was different. It's way
cool to see what people get from conference. I thought it focused a
lot on the future and being prepared and preparing our families. I
loved loved loved the talk by Elder Brett Nattress in the Sunday
afternoon session. That was so awesome. I feel like it was just one
big testimony on the savior, but I learned so much. I hope everyone
was able to learn from conference. If not, go read them again. I'm
excited to go through them again and read them over.
Other than general conference, not too much has happened. I got my new
companion Sister Omi. She is so so cute. I love her so much. She loves
laughing and is so good at English. She works so hard. We listened to
the morning sessions of general conference in English and then the
afternoon sessions in Japanese. Then we went to an American members
house for dinner on Sunday. Lots of English for her, but she has such
a positive attitude and is excited about learning English. She's
amazing. I try to only speak Japanese with her though, I know how hard
it is to be bombarded with a different language. It's exhausting. But
dendoing with her is so fun. We've been able to see a lot of fun
miracles. It's cool to see when you are in the right place at the
right time. I feel like I have had a lot of those moments this week.
Sometimes being a missionary is just uplifting someone, even if you
might never see them again. It is so easy to be nice to someone.
Complimenting their smile, showing interest in their interests,
telling them that God loves them, listening to old obachans (grandmas)
who just want to talk to someone for a little bit. It's a fun
experience. I love it so much :)
Anyway, here is a picture of me and Omi Shimai!
Talk to you next week!
White Shimai

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