Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 3 in Chikushino

Holy cow!!!!! This week was possibly the best week of my mission so
far. It had a ton of ups and downs but the ups were waaaay way up! I
don't have a ton of time to write today because we are doing a zone
p-day up in Fukuoka so we have to take a train there. But Tomomi San
got baptized on Thursday!!!! It was so perfect! Well actually, she had
to be baptized three times because the dress came up haha. But we
finally got it :) other than that I can't believe how amazing she is.
Yesterday she got confirmed and she was literally glowing after. I
have never seen someone with so much light around them before. She was
also talking with everyone and made so many friends. Oh man. It was
literally the greatest. Sometimes Japanese people have a hard time
befriending new converts, but not in this ward! Our ward is the
greatest!! She also told us later that she was able to fix her work
schedule so that she could go to church every Sunday, which had been a
problem before. We didn't even ask her to do it, we just asked her to
try to come to church whenever she could, and she did it on her own!
She's so perfect. I love her so much. Another highlight of the week
was the Yano kazoku. This family is seriously amazing. The mom is the
relief society president and she has a daughter on a mission right now
so she helps us like crazy. She is always wanting to help us with
something, I love her!! She asked us on Saturday if we could come over
to dinner on Sunday because it was her twin daughters 11th birthday
and they asked if we could come over for it. So of course we jumped up
and down saying yes. It was so much fun! We all went around and did a
self introduction and asked each other questions to learn about each
other and it took up the whole night because it was so much fun!!
Other than that this week was really amazing, nothing super big, just
little things. We had zone conference so I got to see Anderson Shimai
from my doki for the first time since I came to Japan, we taught a lot
of fun lessons, and visited a lot of members, I gave a talk in
church.. In Japanese.. With no notes (mainly because they asked me the
night before and I had no time to prepare it because we had lessons we
had to plan... Haha gotta love winging talks in a completely
differently language). Also along with that I have realized this week
how much God helps us with our time management. Sometimes I look at
our week and wonder how we will fit everything in we need to fit in,
or wonder when we are going to have enough time to plan our lessons or
this and that, but it always ends up working out fine. We always have
enough time, and we always get done the things that God wants us to
get done. We really are doing the best we can, but without God it
wouldn't be good enough. It's really helped me understand the
principal of James 2:17. God could easily do what we are doing, but in
order to build our faith we work. I came across this quote this week
that I love by David A. Bednar, �gThus, faith in Christ leads to
righteous action, which increases our spiritual capacity and power.
Understanding that faith is a principle of action and of power
inspires us to exercise our moral agency in compliance with gospel
truth, invites the redeeming and strengthening powers of the Savior�fs
Atonement into our lives, and enlarges the power within us whereby we
are agents unto ourselves"
Anyway :) that's all for now.
Have a good week!
White Shimai

 A pretty view we found while dendoing Heavy black heartHeavy black heart
 Me and lovely Anderson Shimai
 Tomomi San right before her baptism!
 Right after! She was glowing after! Seriously so happy.
The Yano family. The best family!! I love them! 

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