Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week 18 in Nagamine

To start off, I am just exhausted so I'm sorry this email will be
short. This week was SO good though. We started off this week by again
going to the Kumamoto castle.. Haha I've been like 4 times. So I'm
sorry, more of the same pictures. But some flowers are starting to pop
out so its way pretty :) and then the rest of the week was lessons and
finding people. Same old, but for some reason it was just the best. I
am loving life with my companion. Sister Parmley is just the best and
we have so much fun together. And I love my district. I love the ward
I am in. Basically I'm surrounded by amazing people and I'm so
grateful! Also my old companion Kawahara Shimai came down to visit
from Tokyo (she ended her mission in December. I "killed" her which
means I was her last companion before she went home) so she came back
to Kumamoto to see us and hang out with the members. She is currently
hanging out with us as we email haha, but we're going to spend the day
with her and hopefully do something fun. Other then that, I had a
couple moments in personal study recently that just really uplifted
me. The Book of Mormon is so amazing people. Even reading just a
chapter makes me think of my life in such a different way, and no
matter how many times I've read that specific chapter, I can find
something at applies to me right then and helps me understand things.
I know anyone could have those experiences. Just read it :) anyway,
love you all!

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