Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 1 in Chikushino

Where do I begin with this week?! It's been so unbelievable. Oh my
gosh, I love being a missionary. This week was just so all over the
place. Tuesday after I emailed, we all went to the zoo which was so
much fun. I loved that district so much.
After the zoo we came home and I packed and wrote little cards for my investigators and the members, so it was pretty sad knowing I was leaving everyone. Nagamine ward is the best, I already miss them so much. Wednesday I went around saying goodbye to my investigators and some members. A member took us and the elders out to eat at a yakiniku place which is basically all you can eat meat. I'll have to see if I can get the picture and send it next week. It was so fun! Then we had eikaiwa and all the leaving missionaries said goodbye and we took tons of pictures. The next morning I went to Chikushino! I was pretty nervous to become a senior companion and was freaking out a little bit, and it didn't help because on the bus over I was sitting next to an elder who was going back to America, and HE was freaking out haha but spoiler alert, I absolutely love being senior companion and I adore Chikushino!!! My companion is Sister Bearman from Maryland. She's super cute and a 4th transfer, so just 2 under me. Thursday we came home and I unpacked and figured things out and had a lesson with our investigator who is getting baptized next week! Super exciting. She is the cutest thing ever. Her name is Tomomi and she has such an amazing testimony. I am so excited for her. Then Friday we weekly planned and went to go introduce me to some of their other investigators and recent converts which was so fun. I love everyone here! They are so kind. Saturday we had a relief society activity which was a little hard because that morning during morning exercises, my companion ran into a huge cement block corner with her leg when we went running and basically couldn't walk all day. She pushed through it though so that was way awesome of her. Sunday it was still hurting her pretty badly, but we were still able to go to church and talked to people outside after for 4 hours. We didn't use our bikes though because she couldn't ride with her leg. So we walked everywhere. I feel bad pushing her so much with her leg though, so today we are taking it really slow and just hanging out. Anyway my scripture of the week is 1 Nephi 3:7 because through the Lord all things are possible! We just have to be willing to go and do what He has asked us to do. And then miracles will happen :) love you all! Here are some pictures :)
Ferris Wheel at the zoo
This is a crocodile burger. It was actually way good. 
Me and sister Bearman Thursday night

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