Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 2 in Chikushino

You can guess of course but this week was so wonderful! I have started
writing down things that happen each day in my planner so maybe this
will make it easier to remember what happened this week
Monday-Tomomi passed her baptismal interview! She was way nervous for
it but passed. Our district leader says he's never seen anyone more
prepared for baptism. She has such an amazing testimony. I love her so
much and I only met her 10 days ago!! Attaching a picture of her.
Tuesday- oh my gosh there is a Japanese class here. We get to go on
Tuesdays and they teach us one on one Japanese. (Actually I had 3
teachers just to myself) Literally the best thing ever. I learned so
much last week and we get to go again tomorrow. We actually got
permission to change our district meetings to Wednesday's in order to
go to this Japanese class. After that we went and visited a woman in
our ward who has cancer. She is so amazing, she used to translate the
Ensign into Japanese before we had the Liahona. She's such a sweet
Wednesday- we had district meeting, and then we did a member lesson
with a 19 year old girl in our ward. We challenged her to give out a
Book of Mormon to a friend and she immediately told us she is going to
give it to her boyfriend! We got way excited haha. She's the best. Oh
she also gave us kanji for our first names. I'll attach a picture.
Thursday- we weekly planned at a park and I got a sunburn! I'm so
happy that it's getting warmer. We also had a lesson with Tomomi San.
We planned her baptism and talked about her favorite hymns. She
doesn't really know any hymns yet, but she told us she thinks her
favorite hymn was the last song we sang in relief society on
Sunday.... Haha like we remember! And she couldn't remember the tune!
So we went through the hymn book for like 15 minutes trying to figure
it out until she blurts out, "I think it was number 66" haha she
couldn't remember the tune, but she knew the number. So me and Bearman
Shimai are singing "Come Follow Me" at her baptism on Thursday! Also
that night as we were talking to people on the street, we bumped into
the elders. As we were talking with them this crazy drunk lady rides
up to us on her bike and is like "hey! You're the Mormons!" And starts
talking to us about how religion is hard and the bible is hard to
understand. She threw in some stuff about seeing ufo's and then told
us she has a book that makes Christianity super easy to understand and
she wanted to show it to us. So we told her we would see it if she
would look at our book too. She stared at us for a second and said "
Scary.... Okay I'll do it!" all courageously and then rode off almost
hitting a pole. Drunk people are so funny to talk to haha.
Friday- we had a member lesson with another YSA.... Actually not much
happened today. We just talked to a lot of people
Saturday- we had 2 children's English classes! It was crazy and all
over the place but it was way fun. We usually have a children's
English class every Saturday at 10, but the once a month we have an
English class at a members house with all of her kids and she invites
her friends and their kids over too. It's a great way to meet the moms
and talk about what we do. It was way fun and way exhausting. Also
Asian kids are literally the cutest.
Sunday- was literally the best day this week easily! We had church
which was awesome. We ran around asking members to help at the
baptism, give talks and prayers and whatnot and got the whole baptism
scheduled and planned. So it's going to go very smooth on Thursday
haha. Then after church we got together with some of the primary and
went and gave out Eikaiwa flyers to people on the street. It was so
much fun!! They had so much energy and were running around talking to
everyone they saw. They were way nervous at first but after we helped
them talk to a couple people, we just sat back and watched them as the
talked to everyone. They counted every flyer they handed out and we
gave out 138 flyers in 40 minutes. It was the best thing ever. They
had so much fun and it was so great to see them come back to the
church and tell their parents about it. We want to do it once a month.
Anyway! It's so fun being with the members here. They are so strong
and have a huge desire to help share the gospel. It's also one of the
biggest wards I've been to and it has a lot of young families. Anyway,
that was my week! Have a good week!
White 姉妹

Our member that made kanji for our first names
Tomomi San! She is getting baptized on Thursday!
Another one of the YSA we had a member lesson with. Our YSA are so cute!!
The girls that came with us to hand out eikaiwa flyers.
They were literally running around giving the flyers out!

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