Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 8 in Chikushino

Why are the weeks going by so fast! I swear I was just emailing you.

We had zone conference this week which was so very fun. I got to see s
lot of my way good friends. And I got to see the ocean for the first
time since I've been in Japan. It was way pretty, but also raining
like crazy so I didn't take a picture.
On Friday, we were riding our bike back from weekly planning when we
went over a bump and my bike basket flew off of my bike. It was so
funny and so random. I didn't notice at first until my companion
yelled at me. Also, another highlight of this week is that a convini
here started selling onigiri for a dollar. So, basically the best
thing ever, I'm addicted.
The highlight of the week is that my companion is slowly dying. Her
back has been hurting her for a while but recently it's gotten so bad
so can't bike or walk for a very long time, so she went to the
emergency room yesterday (she was going to go to a regular doctor, but
this week is a huge holiday in Japan called golden week. It's
basically when everything shuts down and everyone goes on vacation) so
only the emergency room was open. She went with another sister in our
apartment who is Japanese to help translate all the medical terms so I
went on splits with Jespersen Shimai!! Crazy fun. She came to Japan
with me and we were in the MTC together so we had a blast together. I
love having her in my apartment. It took the other Shimai 5 hours at
the ER and finally they came back with some icy hot pads for her back.
We were going to go to the temple this morning, but Egan Kaicho didn't
think it would be good for her back, so we decided to play card games
and order pizza at the apartment (which is good because it is raining
like nuts outside!!) it'll be a fun Pday :) enjoy some pictures!
 Splits with Jespersen Shimai
 We found this random cabin in the middle of this huge city. It was literally the most random thing I've ever seen. It had a whole bunch of fake animals in it. Haha can you find the sheep?
 I love my apartment
 🏽this is what taking the train in Japan looks like. On a very unbusy afternoon
And finally a zone picture :) 
This is someone's nameplate. I laughed so hard. Bye!!

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