Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 11 in Chikushino

There are sometimes throughout my mission so far that I've just kind
of stood back and realized how blessed I am. How amazing this
opportunity that I have been given is and how much more I need to
appreciate what I have as a missionary. This week has been so hard but
also so wonderful! Lately nobody has been listening to us. We barely
open our mouths and people immediately say no, not interested. It's
sometimes hard to go day after day with hearing that and not feeling
very successful. Me and my companion had to do some evaluating in our
companionship and in our dendo and we tried our best to fix everything
that we felt we could improve on, and then as soon as we did that we
started seeing amazing things happening! People not only listened to
us, but set up appointments for us to come back, we started feeling
better during dendo, and we just had a better attitude in general.
It's such a testimony to me that when we let ourselves get in a rut,
we don't get very far. But when we take the time to notice what rut
we've gotten into it and change to try and do better, amazing things
happen. Changing and growing is so important in Gods plan. I'm so
grateful that we get to learn and grow so much from hard trials and
that I know everything will work out as long as we follow Jesus Christ
and the example He has set for us.These past couple of days have been
amazing! Not to mention the fact that we got to hear from Elder
Quentin L Cook yesterday! We got to shake his hand and he spoke to us.
It was such a great experience. He said a couple things that I was
really grateful for and that I needed to hear, which is always
wonderful. And because an apostle came to our mission, it was a whole
mission wide conference so I got to see so many of my friends!
This week we went to see a doctor again for my companions back. He
told her in very broken English.. "This is old lady problem. You are
young. Why you have old lady problem?" Basically missions break your
body haha. But it's nice to know that the Lord has our backs. We've
been blessed multiple times that even though we might have health
problems that we will be able to continue and work and we will be
blessed so much. It was something that Elder Cook said to us
yesterday. My companion was grateful to hear that. Her back has been
hurting quite a bit.
Anyway! I hope everything is going well back in America! Love you
guys! Thanks for your support and emails :) it's always so fun to hear
from you!
Sister White
A lot of of random pictures with the shimaitachi and some friends from
other areas in our mission

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