Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 9 in Chikushino

Okay, so there really isn't much to talk about this week. My companion
has been having pretty bad back pain lately, so kaicho has banned us
to our apartment for like 3 days. And the other days we have been only
going out for very small amounts of time. We have called a lot of
former investigators and potential investigators, and we have a couple
of pretty good potential investigators now, so that's been way
awesome. It's cool to see that even though we can't dendo normally, we
can still find people to teach. We did get out a couple times though!
Once we went to a members house for dinner which was so fun. We made
"samurai helmets" out of paper, which was was fun and ate a lot of
amazing food. Anyway, that is all for today :) hope everyone is having
a good week!

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