Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 7 in Chikushino

Hi everyone!
Transfer week happened! It's always fun. We became a four person
apartment so me and Bearman Shimai spent two days cleaning out the
apartment. We have so much stuff from old missionaries and whatnot. It
took a long time. And then since the two new missionaries are
whitewashing in, we talked to them about the area and the members and
stuff. So we didn't really do that much this week. Although Tuesday we
got to go to Temmangu which is a shrine that is like a 10 minute bike
ride away from our apartment. Super cool. Haha, I'll attach a picture
but as we were walking up to Temmangu, we were looking at some gift
shops when I look to my right and see a group of Asian people taking
pictures... Of us! Like not discreetly either. When we noticed them,
they ran and motioned for us to take a picture with them (they didn't
speak Japanese or English at all.) so all of a sudden we are just
posing for these pictures with these random Asians. It was really
funny. People passing by took pictures. Other then that.. Not much
this week. I love the girls in my apartment, it's been a way fun week.
But that's all :) adios!
White Shimai

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