Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 6 in Chikushino

That was the biggest thin that happened this week. From my emails I've
looked over so far, everyone else has heard about it already! We're
all fine. On Thursday night, right after me and Bearman Shimai
finished our daily planning our phone started to make this crazy loud
beeping noise that I've never heard it make, and then as I was opening
the phone to see what it was, the whole room started to shake like
crazy! For maybe a minute it shook and then it was fine. It wasn't
very big in Chikushino, but the epicenter was actually in Kumamoto! My
last area. Apparently the damage there is really bad. I actually still
don't know any information or what is going on down there. But after
the first initial earthquake we had a ton of aftershocks into Friday
night until maybe Saturday afternoon. I didn't sleep at all Friday
night. We had another really big earthquake Saturday morning around
1:30 am and then we started getting texts from our Zone Leaders and
from the mission office making sure everyone was okay, on top of all
the earthquake warning text messages we kept getting. I ended up
sleeping with the phone in my hand just to turn off the earthquake
alarms because they were coming so often. But there wasn't any damage
from the earthquake in our area. I did hear that a wall of the
Kumamoto's Castle collapsed which is just crazy. Anyway, I don't know
anything else about the earthquake, but everyone here in Chikushino
area is just fine.
I don't know what else to say to top that! My week was pretty normal
in the life of a missionary in Japan. Its been getting pretty warm and
the flowers are starting to bloom which makes it absolutely beautiful
here. I love being outside. Bearman Shimai and I are having a lot of
fun here. Oh, it's transfer week, of course. Tuesday emails. We got
calls this morning, and we're both staying but exciting news! We're
getting two more sisters in our area. Four Shimai apartments are the

I got sick of my bike, so I decided to try this out for a little bitBear face γγΎγ§γ™

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