Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 12 in Miyakonojo

I can't believe I will be starting my 3rd transfer. What!? We get transfer calls today and my mind is a little boggled that I'm already this far into my mission haha. But anyway, this week was SO good. I might have been even better than last week. We had so many funny things and tender mercies happen this week. Friday was a little crazy. It started to get COLD on Friday. Like oh my goodness, riding your bike outside was not a good idea (but we did it anyway haha) and it was pouring rain too. but then Saturday and Sunday was perfect weather which is awesome because we spend all day dendo'ing. So people in Japan are just the nicest people ever right? Saturday we were dendo'ing this area and we walked past this super old shop and we decided to go in it to look around for a minute and there was this really old lady there and so we started talking to her. We told her that we just wanted to look around and not really buy anything, but then I noticed what a humble shop it was and how she must not have many customers and so I decided to buy some Japanese candy. So I bought it and then she gave me these free japanese nuts that she wanted me to try because I had never had them before. It was so sweet. I feel like I am used to getting random food from people we house into, but getting it from this sweet old lady who was working in this super humble shop was very humbling to me too. Japanese people just care about others so much. I mean that's a generalization, but for the most part, they are very aware of others. Haha also, in the same area we were walking down this street and there was a group of guys sitting outside this shop, and normally we kind of avoid those types of groups but these guys started calling over to us and as we walked passed them they gave us a couple mikan's (tangerines) just because. Then as we were dendoing yesterday in a completely different area, we bumped into the same guys! They were doing construction on a house and one of the guys yelled over and was like "Do you remember me?! I gave you the mikan!" It made me realize how little Miyakonojo really is. We probably bump into the same people over and over again and I don't even realize it because we talk to so many people a day. But they definitely recognize us. When we are stopped at a red light, I can look at the cars that are driving next to us and almost always, every single person in every car is staring at us. It was a little weird at first but I've gotten pretty used to it now. We also had our Halloween party this week! I was a little stressed out about it because the missionaries were in charge of it and we didn't have a lot of time to plan it but it ended up being so good! We had about 40 people come! And a lot of them dressed up too! (well mostly the kids) I was supposed to be this anime character that my companion said was apparently really popular in Japan... but nobody knew who I was and everyone thought I was a panda... (We didn't have a ton of time to get ready.. that is my excuse haha) So I just started telling people that I was a panda when they asked. But it was a good Halloween :) It was really fun! Anyway, I got to go! but I hope everyone had a great week! 

White Shimai

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