Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 2 in Nagamine

Hi everyone!

This week was really good :) as always. I am learning so much from
Kawahara Shimai and it's been so fun.  We had zone conference this
week and that was really good! Last night we had a barbecue at a
members house. And speaking of that, the weather here is AMAZING. I
can't believe that is the middle of November. It feels like September
outside. It gets a little cold at around 8 but it's totally not bad.
But I am definitely loving the weather here. I don't know what else to
write about haha, but I really have felt the love of God this week! I
was struggling with the language and my self confidence in speaking,
and I know that the Lord help me get through it. Its amazing when you
can see the Lords hand in your life. There have been so many times so
far that I have seen God helping me get through rough days or help me
express how I feel in Japanese. It's amazing what the Lord can do with
imperfect people.
Here are some pictures for this week!
(Japanese people and their face masks..haha)

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