Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 1 in Nagamine

Guys. Tomorrow is my five months on my mission. What?! Crazy! Also...I
got transferred!!!! I have a new companion and she is JAPANESE. Haha
she speaks a little English, but oh my goodness it's the best thing
ever! I was so nervous to have a Japanese companion because of the
language barrier, but I feel like there isn't even one with us. I
don't know why as she usually only speaks in Japanese. But she is
amazing. Dendoing with her is so much fun. I feel super lucky. I am in
Nagamine which is in Kumamoto. And I'm in a four person apartment. I
feel like I got so lucky this transfer. My new companions name is
Kawahara Shimai! Having a Japanese companion is actually pretty rare
apparently. There aren't very many Japanese missionaries, We are
whitewashing the area though which I was pretty worried about, but
Kawahara Shimai actually served in this area a year ago, so she
actually knows what's going on, so it doesn't really feel like we are
whitewashing so that is good. Anyway, it's been so much fun. Knocking
on doors with her is the best. Yesterday I was talking to a guy and
apparently I told him that God feels him and that I loved him very
much. Haha which is a little awkward. Ah Japanese is difficult haha.
But it's okay, because I am going to learn soooo much this transfer
its gonna be awesome!! What else. OH MY GOSH. Yesterday we had stake
conference and I got to see Sister Willson from my doki! I saw her and
I actually started crying I was so happy to see her. I haven't really
been able to see anyone from my doki since I've been in Japan (doki is
my MTC group) and so seeing her made me so happy. And President Egan
and Sister Egan came to speak at the stake conference so I got to see
them too, so it was a really great day.
Anyway, I love being a missionary! Oh my goodness it is the best. The
past three days me and Kawahara Shimai have been going non stop and it
is such a good feeling to know that we are working our hardest and
doing our best to share the gospel. I know I have been blessed so much
already because I'm here. I love this gospel! I know that this is
Jesus Christ restored gospel, I know that we have access to God every
day through prayer and that we can receive personal revelation from
Him. I love you all!

White Shimai
ホワイト 姉妹

I don't think this picture shows how happy I was to see this girl!!

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