Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 11 in Miyakonojo

Hi friends!

This week was SO good! Oh my goodness. I loved this week. I don't know why to be 100% honest, but looking back it just was such a good week. My companion and I just worked so hard and we went out and talked to people all week. It's interesting because we don't get a lot of people that are interested, but just the fact that I get to talk to these people and get to know them, is so much fun. We had a funny moment this week. So last week we were dendo'ing in an area and it was pretty dark outside right? So we were walking down this dark road and we look to our left and there are these super old Japanese people just sitting on these crates not really moving and staring at the floor. In the moment it really freaked us out. It was like super creepy and so like got out of that area fast right? Well this week we ended up going to that same area and we were walking down that same road (but it was during the day so it was light outside) and we saw those same 'people' sitting on the crates, bent over staring at the ground. It freaked me out again even though it was light outside, until we realized that they were scarecrows! They were sooooo life like though! I honestly thought they were just old Japanese people that had died sitting on the crates on the side of the road haha. Anyway, it was funny after we figured it out!

Sorry that my e-mails are so short and all over the place. Time flies by when I'm e-mailing. It's just crazy. I don't have anymore time, but know that I love it here! It's hard and frustrating, and sometimes I freak out that I'm in Japan instead of in school or working, but I know with all my heart that for some reason I am supposed to be here right now. I love it here. God is so aware of us. He knows what we need and He will give us the tools to succeed if we allow Him into our lives! Love you all! Have a great week! And keep me updated on your lives!
White Shimai

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