Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 9 in Miyakonojo

Okay, I literally have no time to e-mail today. Sorry this is so short! GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THE BEST THING EVER! Oh my goodness. I loved it! Saturday was so great! Sunday was a little weird.. because we ended up having our investigator (our only one..) drop us in the middle of it. It was pretty sad to say the least. She told us that she was Buddhist and she just didn't think she could change. So conference was a little solemn after that. But besides that I noticed the theme of this conference was to just trust in the Lord. We don't know what things will lay ahead, but if we trust in the Lord and know that He will direct our lives, we can know, even in the midst of hard trials and times that everything will work out. I loved the motto that Sister Niell F Marriot had. "It will all work out." It really is an eternal motto that we can apply in all of our lives! Also, I loved the talk right after her that was talked about how we just need to ask the Lord what we need to change, and he will tell us. It might be just the smallest thing, but the Lord will tell us what we need to do to help us to progress and be better. Sorry if this is all over the place haha I love you all! Trust in the Lord! 

Have a good week! 
White Shimai

We went on splits this week! This is me and Wilkinson Shimai! And I
gorgeous sunset!

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  1. I too loved conference! So sorry for your uncomfortable moment­čśč, but great attitude! Keep being the awesome missionary that you are! You're in my prayers!