Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 10 in Miyakonojo

Hey everyone!

This week we had interviews with my mission president! Oh my goodness it was the best thing ever. President Egan is such an inspired person. He said so many things that I needed to hear and just being with him made me feel so much better. He is such a good person! You can feel the love he has for his missionaries. Other than that, this week was good! I actually got pretty sick this weekend, so Saturday and Sunday were spent inside my apartment which was so crazy boring. I can't even begin to describe how boring it was, and on top of being sick it just made it worst. But! It's okay, because I feel a lot better today and I'm determined to make up for the weekend that we lost. Also, this week was so awesome because we got so many return appointments! So I am really excited for this week because we actually get to teach! (which is uncommon for us.. right now.) Haha one of my favorite things to do here is to talk to old ladies. They think we are just the cutest things ever. We knocked on this one house, and an older lady answered and saw us and immediately yelled into the house and said everyone come here! There are cute gaijin at the door! And 3 other old ladies came out and they all just pointed at us and said how cute we were and when we tried to talk about the church they just kept saying over and over again how cute we were. It was funny and frustrating, but more funny. Ah, Japanese people haha. 
Anyway, sorry that I don't have a ton of time to write (like every week..) but just know that I love the church, and I'm grateful to be learning so much about my savior each and every day here! I read this quote from an ensign article this week. "when the Lord wants to mold a person to play the noblest part, He makes him lonely so that only God's high messages shall reach him." Whenever we are feeling lonely and don't know what to do, it might be that the Lord is trying to tell us something and that we need to pray and search for what He is trying to tell us. We should always be striving to find those answers from the Lord, because He always has guidance that will help us and that He wants to give us!

Love you all! Have a good week!
White Shimai

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  1. Keep up the great work Sister White, and thank you for your service! You're in my prayers! 💓