Saturday, August 1, 2015

18 days left in the MTC

Hey everyone!

This week was so amazing. Yesterday was my birthday, and I'm not going to lie, I wasn't expecting much out of an MTC birthday but I think it was the best birthday I have ever had! When you don't expect much and you get a lot, it really makes it a million times better! I'll recap it really quickly, but just know my writing will not do it justice. It was seriously amazing!! My district are all so selfless and they all went out of their way to try and make me have a good day. I first walked into my classroom at 8:30 in the morning and saw that the whole classroom was decked out in streamers and balloons (i'll send pictures!) and some of the churotachi were hiding inside the classroom to surprise me. Some of the other sisters gave up their gym time to go decorate the classroom. It was so sweet! Then right after we got to host new missionaries coming into the MTC! It was so much fun seeing the missionaries and their families say goodbye! I was able to take pictures for so many of them and I was so happy to be able to be apart of it. There were so many little sisters crying as their older brothers left and it just made me love families so much. Families are such a blessing and I'm so grateful for mine!! Then later that night after our regular class we got to do Skype TRC where we taught church members in JAPAN. So we were teaching legit Japanese members and it was such a cool experience. The brother we got was so kind and so encouraging of our broken Japanese. Most of these people didn't speak English at all and they were still able to understand what we were trying to say! It was so amazing. My companion and I came back from TRC a little later than the rest of my class and I saw on my desk were actual presents! My district bought cute gifts from the bookstore like extra flash cards and cute pens for me. My companion also asked her mom to send her some earrings that she could give to me. As missionaries in the MTC we don't have a ton of resources for birthday gifts, but they all went out of their way to give me such amazing gifts. Every one meant so much to me. One of the best ones that made me cry was a drawing Sister Elena Smith did for me. I had told my district previously that Peter and Jesus walking on the water was one of my favorite scripture stories, and I had bought a picture book at the bookstore that didn't have a picture of it in it! So she drew it for me, and she is so talented. I feel so unbelievable blessed to be around these elders and sisters. Not only is their ability to love so great, but their testimonies and strength lifts me up every day. It's impossible to be sad around them. Not only the things that my district did for me but all the dear elders and packages I got also were so wonderful! I made the record of dear elders and packages 1 person got in one day in our district ;) so thank you for helping me with that! I love you all so much!

While we were hosting this older brother (Elder Morgan) who is in charge of the hosting at the MTC told us a couple stories of Elders and sisters being dropped off. There was one that stuck out to me so much and I want to share it with you! He said that he was working at the front gate at the time and this rusty old old old truck puttered up to the window. He saw that it was a father and an Elder eager to be dropped off. He got past the front gate and to the curb and immediately this old rusty truck completely died. The elder was sent off with the hosting missionary to begin his mission and the father stayed back with the dead truck. Elder Morgan asked him what he wanted to do with the truck and the father told him that he would get someone to come tow the truck, but he didn't care because he had bought the truck for $600 just to drive his son from Ephraim to the MTC. This family was so poor and without means that they didn't own a car, and they had the faith of buying this truck that didn't work very well and without really knowing if it would even make it to Provo just so that the father could see his son off on his mission. It was a miracle that it made it to the MTC and to have it die the moment he pulled up to the curb of the MTC is just amazing. I'm so grateful to be able to be around those miracles every day and to hear so many other experiences from others! God truly looks out for his servants. 

Scripture of the day is Alma 37:34. I loooooove this scripture. "Teach them to never be weary of good works, but to be meek and lowly in heart; for such shall find rest to their souls" We should always be looking to do good works. We are put on the earth to uplift others, to serve and love one another. To humble ourselves to the Lord and put him first. My friend Madeline Vance sent me a poem yesterday that was written from a father to a daughter and one of my favorite lines is "Put the Savior first and your companion second. Do that, and you'll never be forgot nor left behind by either one" And I know that could be applied to anyone of your lives! Put the Savior first and your friends, your family, anyone you come in contact second, and you will see so many blessings! 

オワ ヒト Shimai
These are the sisters that decorated the entire room in streamers and balloons!
The drawing of Peter and Jesus walking on water that Sister Elena Smith drew for me!Absolutely beautiful!
My little gifts. I love them! The jornal had little notes from everyone saying the sweetest things. These missionaries are the best of the best, I am so lucky!

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