Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week two in Japan

Hey everyone!

This might be a shorter email :( sorry! It's my first time on my iPad
and it's a little difficult. I've always known I was technologically
challenged! Anyway! This week was so good! It was also pretty busy!
(As it should be eh?) so Monday after emailing we went to this
beautiful waterfall near Miyakonojo and it was so amazing!! It's the
only pictures I got this week so I'll send them with this email haha
but it was so green! You don't see anything like it in Utah. Nothin
crazy exciting happened this week! Just me trying to learn the
language as best and as fast as I can! It's hard to find anyone here
because it's so country. Everything is spread out pretty far. Lots and
lots of houses to knock on though :) I'm getting really used to
housing. At first I really really didn't like it, but now I get really
excited to go out! I get to practice my Japanese a lot that way.
Yesterday we had church, and I just do a lot of listening and trying
to figure out what's going on. It's really good practice for my
understanding, and then after I get to practice it when I house! It
really helps to just listen. After listening for 5 hours yesterday (2
extra meetings) I went out and I actually could participate so much
more than before! It was so awesome. Japanese people are so amazing. I
don't know if I could say it enough! They are so unbelievably kind and
understanding! Even if they aren't interested in what they have to say
they will still talk to us and be so nice. There was this one lady we
talked to yesterday as we were talking to her she pulled out this
spray and started spraying us! I was so confused what she was doing
until I realized it was bug spray and she did it so we wouldn't get
bit! Haha a lot of Japanese lady's like to tell me that I'm really
cute. I think they think I'm shy because I don't say anything and so
they try to encourage me. I'm not shy! I just don't know what's going
on! So we will be traveling a lot soon. Last week we travel to
Kagoshima for a zone training meeting and tomorrow we are going to
Miyazaki for District meeting haha and then Saturday we get to go to
the temple!! So we are going to take a bus to Fukuoka then. Lots of
traveling. On Sept 2. we are also going somewhere TBA for a member of
the 70 to come speak to us! Yay! Anyway, it's been really fun and I'm
getting used to being out in all sorts of weather haha. I've just
noticed so much that Heavenly Father is so aware of us. It has been so
hot to the point I am just dripping sweat and I barely feel the heat (
I just notice the sweat dripping down my face haha) or it's been so
rainy that I am absolutely drenched with water but it doesn't bother
me in the slightest. I just love it all! The food has been good! I've
been avoiding weird stuff and think my companion realized that I don't
do well with super crazy stuff so we eat cereal for breakfast, a lot
of curry and rice and veggies and I am so good with it! Also they have
THE best crackers here I've ever tasted. I'm obsessed. Also their
bread is way better than any kind I've ever had in America. It's
unreal. Also I haven't seen any super crazy bugs besides the one I saw
last week so I'm also very grateful for that. Okay sorry I don't have
anymore time but really quick I was reading the conference talk
"therefore they hushed their fears" by David A. Bednar. It's so good!
It talks about overcoming fears and it even quotes Peter walking on
the water which I've already mentioned is my favorite. We just need to
trust and have faith in God and everything will work out. Everyone go
read that talk! It's amazing :)

Love you!

White Shimai

P.s. I have never loved my last name and also been so afraid of it
more than I have in Japan. I love it because when someone says
"Howaito Shimai" it means someone wants to talk to me and I love that!
It scares me because when I hear it.... It means someone wants to talk
to me and I won't understand anything they are saying haha.

 The waterfall is in the background! This is my companion Sister Mills!
 This is my companion haha I don't know what she is doing. But look how green everything is!!!
These are the elders: Suares Churo and Knighton Churo and also our wonderful member who we spend most of our time with Shinko Shimai (shinko=faith) she is literally one of the best people ever. Also she speaks English. I love her!

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