Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 3 in Japan

Hi everyone! 
What a crazy week! Oh my goodness. This last Monday (all the crazy things on my mission happen on Monday after I email haha) we had a typhoon come to the Kagoshima zone. So everyone was in lock down all Tuesday until about 6. Monday night was crazy! I didn't sleep because of how crazy the wind was, I actually thought our windows might break! There was so much crashing and banging going on everywhere, it was nuts! But then by Tuesday morning it was all pretty calm. It was very exciting haha But we still stayed inside just to be safe so I got a lot of studying done (woohoo!) after we were able to go outside we were going to go house in this certain area but things kept happening like.. My bikes basket broke so we had to go order me a new one and my companions basket cover tore and just a lot of things that kept us from getting to the area we wanted to be, so finally we started heading over there and we both felt that the area was too far and we didn't have a ton of time before we had to go back, so we decided to house some apartments that were right next to where we were at, and as we were walking we saw this super blonde super Caucasian lady talking English to this Japanese guy. So my companion yelled over to them "are you gaijin!?" And we started talking with them (and this time I was able to actually participate!!) apparently they were going to open this cafe soon but the typhoon completely destroyed it! So we offered to help fix it up with them! So we've gone over a couple times to play with their little girls so they can have their hands free to work.  Oh! Also on Wednesday morning there was a baby earthquake! It was so small my companion who was in the shower at the time didn't even feel it. But I asked other people and they felt it too so I promise I'm not making it up. So, my companion showed me super old Mormon messages last night. Everyone needs to go see them. They are about the cheesiest things I've ever seen and they made me so happy! They are called home fronts. Most of them end with "family, isn't it about.... Time?" Oh man. I'm so glad they got better.  Speaking of, I have to give the spiritual thought tonight at our volleyball activity and because I still can't speak in coherent sentences in Japanese yet.. haha I'm sharing a Mormon message!  I'm super excited. I've basically watched all of them. I think I've watched "because of Him" one a million times and it still makes me tear up every time. It's so cool. If you haven't seen it in a while to watch it. Most everyone here we talk to barely knows about Jesus Christ. Most are Buddhist and worship their ancestors or Shinto and believe that everything has a different God. It's really fun to talk to people about who Jesus Christ is thought. Japanese people are just so funny. I love talking to them. I tell them I've been in Japan for 2 weeks and they just freak out. "ほんと?? じょうすですね." They like to tell me I am very skilled at Japanese. But I've heard they just say that to people who can't speak Japanese very well to make them feel better. But ha, I say it back at them when they try to speak English, so I always speak English to them to see if they understand. I'll say  "do you speak English?" And they always say no haha but then I'm like, "ah you understand! So skilled!" わかります! じょうず 素晴らしい! But I wish I had more exciting things happen! We just ride our bikes a lot and talk to people :) this week we do get to go to a conference type thing and I'm pretty excited about that! I hope everyone is doing well! Until next week! 
ホワイト 姉妹

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