Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 16 in Nagamine

Hi Everyone!

Haha I never know what to write. Okay I will start off by saying that
one of our investigators who didn't believe in God a couple of weeks
ago said last lesson that he now fully believes in God and has felt
Gods love!!! Oh man, we were so excited when he said that! He has been
reading the Book of Mormon and praying every day. We have been meeting
with him for almost 3 months and he has always said he just didn't
know if God was there. It's such a cool thing to witness! Things don't
happen right at once, it's over time through hard work that we can see
the result of our faith. He wouldn't have believed in God unless he
acted on faith and prayed and read scriptures even though it was
probably a very weird concept for him to do. So good :)
Other then that our week was way good but pretty normal missionary
stuff :) it's so much fun being here! We always find random Buddhist
temple things as we bike around. Here is one

And here is a picture with me in it. It was raining all day!
We also found a fun park when we were with the elders going to visit someone so here are these pictures..

Annnnd #japanesemissionarylife

At least they wrote it in English right? Haha this didn't happen to me, but one of the elders in our area. They went back to a return appointment and found this on the porch.
Anyway that's all for now :) happy Valentine's Day!!
White Shimai

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