Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 14 in Nagamine

So transfers were this week which means we spent a lot of time with
Wilkinson Shimai who transferred up to Fukuoka. I am staying with
Parmley in Nagamine which I'm super excited about :) I love her so
much. We taught lessons, talked to people did fun stuff. Basically a
normal missionary week. We did do service at a retirement home where
we basically just sang hymns to the sweetest old people ever. They
were so cute! I have pictures, and the people do not look happy in
them haha but they are really old....and I promise they were smiling
for at least part of the time we were there haha. Anyway, this week
went by like crazy fast and I can't believe it is p day already. So
crazy! Anyway here are some pictures from eikaiwa and at the
retirement home. I hope everyone is having a wonderful last day of
January, first day of February! (Shoutout to Jamie whose birthday is
today!!Two hearts🍾Party popperBalloonWrapped present)
Talk to you next week!
White Shimai

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