Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 9 in Nagamine

Hi Everyone!
So I feel like I haven't written a solid email in a while. It's been a
crazy couple of weeks! We had transfers and ever since transfers it's
been a little crazy. My new companions name is Parmley Shimai and she
is seriously the best. I just love her. We get along so well and she's
so much fun. She has been out about 9 months and I'm at 6 months so
our Japanese separately isn't that great but together we get a lot of
things done which has been really cool. I've been able to realize that
I know a lot more then I ever gave myself credit for for having a
Japanese companion who spoke the language fluently. But the week after
transfers was a little nuts. I got sick 2 days after transfers,
Parmley Shimai got into 2 separate bike accidents (not bad ones, but
bad enough we had to take her bike to get fixed, she was totally fine)
and then we had Christmas and we've had a lot of Christmas parties.
It's just been crazy. This last week also has been a whole bunch of
New Years things going on. The holidays are just a little crazy as a
missionary haha. It's been way fun though. Christmas Day was so
amazing. I got to Skype my family and meet my new nephew which was so
amazing, and then we had zone p-day and we got to watch Big Hero 6!
I'm glad I didn't watch it before my mission because I never would
have appreciated the little Japanese quirks in it. It was so much fun!
And then we went to a members house for dinner that night. The best
part of the night was as we (the missionaries) were singing a hymn,
the 89 year old grandma and the 60ish year old husband got into a
literal cat fight over the husbands brother in law. Imagine a really
old Japanese grandma and this short white hair'd guy slapping each
other as another 60 year old tried to push them away from each other.
And the wife had her eyes closed listening to us sing. We could barely
hold it in as we were singing. It was the funniest thing I've ever
seen! Saturday and Sunday were just normal days (although I did give
another talk in church so that was exciting!) Monday was also just
normal. Then on Tuesday I had splits with Sato Shimai! She's from my
doki (my MTC group) so it was so fun dendoing with her!! She is the
cutest and doesn't speak any English haha. But it was way fun, and she
is so much fun to dendo with. I love going on splits! I just love
other missionaries so much. I'm always so impressed with them and what
each of them want to become. I've realized that the people that come
on missions, just want to be better. That's something (among a million
other things) I love about our church. We know that we are all
imperfect but we all just keep trying. And especially on your mission
where all of your weaknesses are shown to you, everyone here is so
uplifting and understanding. There are difficult people to get along
with like always, but there is always so many things to learn.
Wednesday was just a futsu dendo day and yesterday my companion got
sick so we had to cancel a dinner appointment. (although we did eat at
a lunch appointment before she got sick and ate so much squid... i
don't blame her for being a little sick haha) Today we are going to
try to go to the Kumamoto Castle. I'm super excited about it! I've
been wanting to go since I've been here!
This week we have been focusing on the New Years and asking people
that if they could choose one kanji for last year what would it be,
and one kanji for next year what it would be. We have gotten some
really really cool answers! Many people choose things like 幸  Shia
from shiawase meaning happy, or blessed. Others chose 感 kan from
kansha 感謝 meaning grateful. When we asked what they would choose for
this next year we got a lot of answers like love 愛, or to go forward
進. And we just tell them that we know through Christ all things are
possible. No matter what thing we want to accomplish this year, as
long as we us the strength that we receive from Christ we can do
anything. So I challenge you all to think of a word that you want to
make this next year! Mine is 成 from seicho meaning to grow or become.
There are so many things that I want to learn and I know that
especially through the hard times and the bad times that I will learn
so much and grow and become the person that I truly want to be.
Anyway, holidays out here are the best! We got some really cool return
appointments that we're really excited about and it's going to be an
amazing next year!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New
Years! Love you all!!

White Shimai

Zone conference :)

Me and Parmley Shimai on Christmas!

District meeting lunch!
Junkai with Sato Shimai!!

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