Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 11 in Nagamine

こんにちわ皆さん🤓 (new emoji's on the iPad whaaa)
Hi everyone :)
Basically so many of my favorite people emailed me today and I just
want to shout out to them and tell them that I absolutely adore you
guys. (You know who you all are!!) I love you!!!!
This week went well! We taught so many lessons and talked to so many
people. It was a very good week. Wednesday we taught two of our
investigators and both lessons went really awesome. I just know that
the Lord is helping us do His work. Sometimes I look back on a lesson
and wonder how it went well with our ばらばら Japanese, but if the spirit
is there, we could be saying whatever and it would still turn out to
be an awesome lesson. The spirit is so important!! せいれいは大事ですね。
We also had interviews with Egan Kaicho this week on Thursday! It was
fun to see him and Egan Shimai, they are just the best. I also got to
see some people from my doki too!
On Friday we went with a member to visit her friend who she's been
wanting to meet with the missionaries forever (they've been friends
for 10 years and she's been waiting until she felt it was right..) so
finally it's right I guess! And it went really well! Her friend was
the cutest, and her mom was even cuter. She's an 88 year old おばちゃん
(Grandma) and everything we said she would just say ですね ですね (isn't
that so?) I love how there are so many ways to agree with someone in
Japanese haha. It was so great!
We woke up at 6 on Saturday to go play volleyball at the church with
the Elders, and that was way fun too. We don't actually have a
volleyball net, so we used a badminton net, and hoisted it up on some
chairs. It was effective... かな。。。haha but it was definitely fun which
is always a good way to start the day! We want to do it more often.
Also Saturday we went to the Kumamoto ward's activity where they made
mochi which is basically mashed up rice that Japanese people love so
much. It was so fun to watch them make it haha. They take rice and
literally mash it in this stone basin, and then they take these huge
mallets and pound it. Haha it was so funny. I'll send a video. After
they made the actual mochi, they made all these different kinds of
treats and food with it. It was way fun, but I am personally not a big
fan of the stuff. It kind of feels like you're eating a big wad of
gum. But Japanese people love it!
Today is Elder Ishizu and Elder Agnew's birthday (also my brothers and
my little sisters.. January 11th is just a birthday day I guess!)
anyway, so we woke up this morning at 5:30 to get stuff to make
breakfast for them, and then we went and doorbell ditched the
breakfast at 6:30 so haha it's already been a long day! But way fun!
Like always! 🤗
Oh also, yesterday as we were dendoing in a super far away place, we
bumped into one of our old investigators! It was way far away from
where he lives and just super random! Haha so we talked to him for a
bit and went to lunch with him today. He told us how he was so
impressed with how happy we were after he realized how far we had
biked to that area. I know he can sense a difference about us. He kept
asking what the differences were between Americans and Japanese
people. I tried to tell him it wasn't just the culture, but it was
because of our religion too! He said he loved our conversation and I
really hope we get to start teaching him again.
Anyway, that's all for now. Summarizing a week as a missionary is just
difficult. Hopefully I said something that is actually interesting! Oh
also I hit my 7 month mark yesterday. Pretty sure I just left for the
MTC like 2 weeks ago. #timeflies (are hashtags still a thing??)
ホワイト 姉妹

Someone yelled "Grandma, Peace!" and she threw up a peace sign. Oh man it was so funny.

6 am volleyball!
Loving my doki people <3

Everything Kumamon for 8 dollars!

making mochi!

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