Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 5 in Japan

First of all, remember last week how I was all "oh I miss Mexican food"? Well haha we were invited over to another members house to eat dinner and thinking about last weeks I was pretty nervous. I prayed like all day that I would be able to eat whatever they made and just telling myself that whatever it was I was going to eat it no matter what! Well we got over there.. And they had made TACOS. What?!?! The Shimai even told us that they never make this kind of food but thought that we might like it. Haha it was like the first real meal I've had here. I was so excited! She also told me where to buy tortillas, so I'm definitely excited about that! God definitely heard the plea of this poor little gaijin. (But then we went out to eat the next day with a member and a PI and I had to eat a ton of raw fish.... So there's that haha). Anyway, besides that not much happened this week! We met a lot of people and rode our bikes around a lot haha. We also randomly bumped into a couple of people from the Philippines who know one of our members! Apparently one of the members posted a picture of us on her Facebook profile (with her.. Not just us, that would be weird.) and so when we knocked on his door he was like hey! I know you! Haha we were confused because we definitely didn't know him. But it was way fun to talk to him and we told home about a game night we were having and they said they would probably come! So I'm pretty excited about that haha. Anyway! I wish I had more interesting things to write about but it's getting pretty normal around here :) thanks for all your emails! Love you all 

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