Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 7 in Japan

Hello all,

This week went really well! We had a lot of random lessons pop up
which was awesome. And the weather was really great this week :) haha
I am trying to remember what all happened. The week really does go
pretty fast now. So we had transfers this last week and one of our
elders transferred to Beppu, so we got a brand new missionary from the
MTC! And I was so excited because I wasn't going to be the only one
who didn't speak the language... And then I found out that he already
speaks Japanese. So that was pretty sad. I mean happy for him I
guess... But now I'm not even the newest one and I still don't know
what's going on haha.. One day...

Also yesterday I got to watch the womens general conference session
and it was soooo legit. Oh my goodness, I have never appreciated it
before like I did as I was watching it. I think I've just grown up my
whole life used to having this really awesome spirit around me through
my friends and the people I associate with that I never really noticed
this huge absence of the spirit, and then I came to Japan, and
although I am a missionary and I get to have the spirit with me, the
people I associate with daily... Don't have that. And I can feel it,
and to watch conference and to feel it from our leaders, it's just an
amazing thing. Don't take conference for granted!! I can't wait to
watch it. We don't get to watch it this weekend, we have to wait next
weekend when we get the dvd in Japanese (we could watch it online, but
we are going to watch it at the same time as the branch.. But in
English haha)
One of my favorite things that was said was by Sister Reeves at the
end of her talk when she said that once we get to heaven and see the
blessings that we will receive, we will ask our Heavenly Father, "was
that really all that was required?" It makes look at challenges in a
completely different way. Our happily ever after wont be in this
second act, but we will get it! I love the gospel so much.

There is a woman here that we talk to often from Holland. She is so
legit, she is a refugee from Croatia, and she married a Japanese guy
who lived in America. Their story is just nuts. She has huge faith in
Jesus Christ and I just love her so much! We haven't really been able
to teach a lesson to her, but we've become such great friends. I love
going and visiting her. We are going to get her baptized one day.
Hopefully soon :)

Anyway, I don't have a ton of time but I love you all! Thank you for
your support!!
White Shimai

Picture from eikawa!

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