Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 3!

Hi family!!

This week was a little crazy but also so much fun! So right after I e-mailed last week all the sisters got called down to an "emergency health meeting" and we were all really really confused. So we went down and apparently the building that they JUST moved us into had bats. The rumor is, is that a girl woke up with a bat next to her head. So they immediately moved out 600 plus sisters out of the building and moved us back into our old building. It was a little hectic. I felt really bad for the people in charge. Not a lot of sisters were very happy, but hey! You never know what is going to happen when we actually get on the field, so I didn't mind it at all. I know they just wanted to make sure we were safe haha. That same day we also got to meet some mission presidents! They had all the mission presidents take a district and do some role play/teaching. We got the Nagano's who are going to the Tokyo mission!! Oh my goodness, I loved them. They are both from Japan but they know English perfectly. They were the sweetest people ever and I loved them both so quickly! President Nagano was really funny, and quoted dumb and dumber to us at one point in the lesson. It was so great! He wanted us to role play with our companions teaching one of the lessons, and then at the end he chose one companionship to demonstrate. annnd of course it was our companionship. haha So one of us pretended to be the investigator and one of us was the missionary. So I ended up being the missionary and I taught the lesson to my companion in front of my whole district and a mission president! (but it was in English so not as bad as it could have been haha) It was a little nerve wracking but after I was done President Nagano told me that if I was going English speaking that he would send me into the field that day haha. It was really sweet. Then! on Friday we got to meet OUR mission president!! President Egan and his wife were also at the seminar. They just got into the field and took over as the new mission president on Monday! It's so exciting that we were the first ones to meet him! He is so amazing. We all love him so much. All of us that are going to Fukuoka (19 of us) got to go do like a little get to know you thing with him. I wish I could go into more detail but I'm running out of time! It was just amazing and I know that it's going to be perfect. 

So we watched the Testaments on Sunday night after our devotional and it was possibly the best thing ever. I've seen it before, but watching it as a missionary it's basically an comedy/ chick flick movie to us now! I can feel myself getting weird after writing that sentence. But we laughed so much during it, but also the very end when Christ comes to the Americas, was just so powerful. I'm probably going to watch that multiple times while I'm here haha. I loved it. 

The language is going well! It's kind of a roller coaster of emotions with the language haha. Some days I'll do so well and think that I'll learn this language in no time, and then other days I can't remember anything. But I really love it! I'm so so so excited to get to Japan. Our Sempei left to Japan on Monday, and I just got so anxious to go. 

Okay, I am running out of time for right now, we're splitting up our e-mail time into 2 parts, so I can write again a little later. 

Love You!! aishiteimasu!

White Shimai

So I completely forgot to tell you all this story. My second day here I went to an early morning workout class and the girl next to me looked like crazy familiar, and so I went up to her after and asked if she was a Daley.. and yep! This is Aaron's daughter, Julianna. She is going to Korea! So we are actually in the same building for class so I see her all the time. I think our districts have the same schedule so we see each other at least 5 times a day haha. It was exciting to meet one of my cousins while I'm here! 

The MTC built this HUGE set in the cafeteria for the Quorum of the 12 and the First Presidency to do the Mission President Seminar. This was only a little bit of it before they completely kicked all the missionaries out of the cafeteria for the whole weekend.

I finally learned all the hiragana and can write them from memory. This was my first time doing all of them. It was also after a very long day of studying, haha I was super tired.

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